Disability Support

Making Life Enjoyable For People With A Disability

We will help you with your day to day  activities while you live in the comfort of your home. Support getting ready for the day. Our experienced multicultural staff will support you with:

  • Household tasks and cleaning.

  • Personal care, such as showering and toileting.

  • Preparing healthy, nourishing meals and interpreting recipes.

  • Management and administration of medication, eternal feeding, wound care, and general nursing care.

  • Travel support to get out and about in your community and meetup with significant others.

  • Support with health and fitness.

  • Tenancy.

  • Job searching.

  • Respite care.

Learn why is it worth it

At Glow healthcare, Support is tailored to meet your individual needs.

We appreciate and understand that everyone’s needs are different and unique. We will team you with a worker that support your choices,improve your confident and maintain your independence.

  • Daily living assistance to help you feel confident and maintain your independence.

  • Activities that are meaningful and are of your choice.

  • The level of support you need.

  • Services to develop daily living skills and employment support.

  • Support to help you expand your social connections and improved relationships.

Assistance with Life stage transition into Puberty

Assistance with Life stage transition into Puberty
Glow Healthcare Agency has specialised staff who are qualified in assisting Teens with life stage transitions. We facilitate this through creative puberty educational activities and also sale first period kits for the young teens. Your teen can utilise these services through their NDIS funds.

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